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- Fire & Gas Detection Systems

- Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

- Transportable Gas Detection Unit (TGDU)

- Calibration Gas

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- Fire Suppression Systems, FM200, CO2

- Oil & Gas

- Industrial Gas Transmission

- Power Generation

- Chemical, Petro-Chemical & Refining

- LNG Processing & Re-gasification

- Industrial Gas

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- Variable reluctance (VR) sensors detect a change in the magnetic flux passing through the sensing element, which is composed of a copper coil, a metal pole piece and a permanent magnet. Used in combination with a cogwheel or cograil, the sensor generates an analog electrical signal with a frequency and amplitude that are both proportional to rotational or linear speed. VR sensors are particularly suitable for use in high temperature applications where other sensor technologies cannot be used. Their main disadvantage is that the signal amplitude at low speeds can be very low.

- Hall effect sensors are able to sense the amplitude of a magnetic field. They are usually combined with an electronic circuit that switches the output signal from low to high or vice-versa when certain levels of the magnetic field reached. Hall effect speed sensors typically generate a digital output signal with a frequency proportional to rotational or linear speed. Their main advantage is that they can operate down to very low speeds or even standstill. In most cases, their application is limited to ambient temperatures of 125°C or 150°C.

- Eddy current sensors combine the advantages of VR and Hall effect sensors. As they typically do not need any electronics at the sensing point, they can be used in higher temperature environments. On the other hand, they generally present a good low speed response and their signal amplitude does not vary over the speed range.

- JAQUET T400 series - Single channel tachometers, with or without display; 0/4..20mA converter & speed switch in one; Relay and open collector frequency output.

- JAQUET T500 DualTach - DualTach tachometer with 2 frequency & 2 binary inputs; 2 analogue, 4 relay and 2 open collector outputs; for complex measurement, control and protection.

- JAQUET T600 MultiTasker - MultiTasker with 2 frequency, 1 analogue & 2 binary inputs; 2 analogue, 4 relay and 2 open collector outputs; CAN bus and Ethernet interfaces.

- Safety Systems -SIL2 and SIL3 solutions, JAQUET has been providing rotating machine protection systems for 50 years. New modular SIL2 & SIL3 systems are now under development to meet current & future stringent demands – not just for speed.


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